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How Cisco technology aids the refugee crisis

This World Refugee Day, we check out how Cisco commits to build better lives.
Tens of millions of people around the world have been forced to leave their homes due to violence or persecution. On this World Refugee Day, we’re taking a look at some of the organizations, including Cisco, that are committed to helping the refugee crisis.

How Cisco technology aids the refugee crisis

CBS News reports that a record 69 million people in the world were displaced last year, with many of the refugees coming from South Sudan, Congo, Turkey, and Myanmar.

Many countries are also receiving applications for asylum—with Germany at 198,000 applications. Cisco is committed to helping the refugee crisis, and is taking an active role in Germany, helping people learn technology skills to move towards brighter futures.

ReDI School

The ReDI School of Digital Integration is a non-profit in Germany that teaches refugees skills they’ll need to enter the startup and digital industry. With the technology field booming in Germany, this not only helps the refugees, but also closes the skills gap. ReDI School offers on-site courses in Berlin and Munich, and tailors some classes specifically to womens. Cisco partners with ReDI School, and the company’s online courses are also listed on the non-profit’s site. Students can learn all about networking, cybersecurity, IoT, and even study to become a Computer Network Associate.

Cisco’s Tactical Operations engineers and Disaster Response team worked with non-profit NetHope to bring Meraki-based Wi-Fi networks across 75 sites including Greece and Slovenia. This Wi-Fi is crucial for refugees to make the proper calls to their family and friends. With more than 600,000 unique devices connected, people were able to make more than two million connections.

Mercy Corps
Mercy Corps’ mission is to build safe communities for those suffering from poverty and oppression. Cisco announced in 2017 a five-year, $10 million partnership with Mercy Corps to help create those communities and also help them become better connected. This is a commitment to impact more than 11 million people over the world in a way that transforms lives. Through this partnership, Cisco provides technology, expertise, and advisory services, as well as plans to test field research and new technology models.

To learn more about Cisco’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, especially to impact critical human needs, check here

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