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What to Consider When Choosing a 48-Port PoE Switch?

As we know, PoE switch, offering both data and power for PoE-enabled devices, is an important component for connection with PoE. To meet network deployment requirements, 48-port PoE switch now is a popular option for network builders. Then from users front, what elements do users consider?.

48-Port PoE Switch
48-Port PoE Switch

Power Budget

Power budget is an essential factor that most users will consider when buying a PoE switch. According to the explanation on Wikipedia, the PoE standard (IEEE802.3af) provides up to 15.4W of DC power on each port theoretically, while the PoE+ standard (IEEE802.3at) can offer up to 30W per port, but only 25.5W could transmit to network devices in real time. However, in real time, not every port requires the 30W. Most are still under the 15W range. Therefore, maximum power of each port and how many ports of the switch supporting PoE should be taken into consideration to ensure the device can get enough power.

Acoustic Noise

Noise caused by the PoE switch fan is a troubling problem for many users. Though there is fanless PoE switch like 8-port PoE switches, the capacity of them cannot satisfy users’ demand. Since many of them want to use the high density 48-port PoE switch in office or even at home, while the noise from the PoE switch is so disturbing. Therefore, the degree of noise caused by the PoE switch is also a parameter that many users care about.


48-port PoE switch price is always a hot topic that users care about. For there are various sellers online providing diverse brands of PoE switches, the price of the 48-port switch is also changeable. These different prices allow users have more choices to select the suitable one for their networks.

Manufacturer or Warranty

Similar to the cost, there are numbers of manufacturers who can produce PoE switch. And they have many small agencies that selling their switches. Though the switch price may low, the warranty of the switches cannot be ensured. Nearly all brand manufacturers have claimed that their lifetime supportis restricted to authorized sellers. Therefore, when choosing a needed 48-port PoE switch, make sure that the seller is reliable.

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